Does your Inner Mean Girl beat you up about your body?

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It’s Amy here with a special message if your Inner Mean Girl beats you up about how you look.

If there is one thing that Christine and I have found in our work at Inner Mean Girl Reform School, it’s this: no matter how things look on the outside, you can bet a woman is silently beating herself up on the inside.

And one of the areas that women MOST beat themselves up about is how their body looks. Body image is a scorching hot spot for Inner Mean Girl Attacks. It’s one of the most common trigger points for Inner Mean Girls to leap into action, shouting Big Fat Lies like “You’re too fat (short, tall, flat chested…)” You get the idea!

And who can blame us? From our infancy we’ve been fed airbrushed, Photoshopped images of how are bodies are “supposed” to look.  And we aren’t just beating ourselves up on the inside. We are abusing our bodies with fad diets, insane workout routines and sometimes even literally starving ourselves to death. The National Eating Disorders Association reports that twenty MILLION women and girls in the United States alone suffer from eating disorders, double the amount of men.

This insanity has GOT TO STOP!

So we decided to enlist the support of one of our dear friends, Sarah Jenks, founder of the Live More Weigh Less movement, who is on a mission to help women around the world stop waiting on the weight. She’s bringing back SANITY around loving our bodies, right here and now, regardless of your size. She helps women heal around body image and emotional eating. She is a true self-love sister.

Sarah and I have babies that were born one day apart, so we’ve gotten to know each other on a deeper level in the past 2 years. We decided to get together for a real conversation about Inner Mean Girls, body image and emotional eating.

Sarah was brave enough to get real with me about her own Inner Mean Girl and allow me to coach her about her Achievement Junkie. And I got super vulnerable about my own eating patterns.

I have to admit I have a bit of a vulnerability hangover about some of the things I share on the video about my own relationship with food. But that’s what we value so much here at Inner Mean Girl Reform School, right? Women being REAL and VULNERABLE, sharing their truth.

In the video we talk about a few things you can do right now to support yourself:

May we heal our Inner Mean Girls and body hate, choosing instead to love ourselves and our bodies unconditionally.

With great love,



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