Stop Putting So Much Pressure On Yourself… pour on the self compassion

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loveQoute_27-405x240Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

Have you ever stopped to look at just how much undue pressure you are put on yourself, everyday. To get things done by some self created deadline, to get a super human amount of things done in a day or month or year, to achieve things faster than a silver bullet?

Uh, and given all the stressors and pressures that are out of your control, isn’t it kind of crazy that you would ADD unnecessary pressure to your own life?

I decided this week that I was crazy if I kept adding undue pressure to my life – so I gave it up – yep, traded in the pressure cooker for the self compassion soaker – where I can can create space and grace instead of stress and duress. And I invite you to join me in using this week’s Love Letter.

How? Watch this week’s Love Letter video where I had a good talk with my Inner Wisdom (that inner b.f.f.) and found 3 ways that we humans (me and you included) create unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Watch this week’s love letter video and choose which one is most affecting you, and dare to make a shift to self-compassion (one of the 10 branches of self-love) this week!

Let me know which one you are choosing to release here on the blog – and how you are going to apply self-compassion instead!

And if you want more guidance on Self Compassion, consider joining us at The Love Club

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