Fun & Powerful Conversation Questions for Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

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Below are a list of questions and practices created by Karen Kane, a beloved reader of the Reform Your Inner Mean Girl book. These questions are designed to help you have a powerful & fun exploration of your own Inner Mean Girl. These questions were designed for a Book Club, but you can use them in any group of friends, or even on your own. Enjoy!

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl Conversation Questions:

  1. Which IMG archetypes are you? Did you do the quiz? Did it correlate with the descriptions of each archetype? (Quiz on Page 38)
  1. They talk about “trigger points”, those things that can set off a full-blown IMG attack. Do any of the trigger points on p. 60 resonate with you? (Body Image, Certain People, When Things Aren’t Going Well, When Things Are Going Well, Relationships and Love, Money, Career, Spirituality, Being Seen, Parenting) Do you have other trigger points that are not listed? (p. 60)
  1. The authors offer up several IMG “deactivators” (listed below). Did you try any of these? Were they helpful? Do you have some others that you find useful?
  • The Worst Case/Best Case/Real Case Game
  • Dance Break
  • The Love-Line
  1. On pages 65-70, the authors provide a process for excavating your “IMG’s Big Fat Lies”. You are asked to put yourself into three scenarios and let your IMG rant (by writing). These are the scenarios:
  • When things don’t go so well
  • When things are going great
  • Choose one of your top three trigger points

After you have done this, reread the archetype descriptions. Next, start a Big Fat Lie list. Then see if there are any similarities or themes and come up with your top 5 Big Fat Lies. In the book, they state that “women tell us that when they speak these words out loud so they can actually hear the words they’ve been silently saying to sabotage and criticize themselves, something powerful happens within them. How did it feel to you to speak these words? Maybe share them to the group (if you are comfortable)?

  1. On page 107, they suggest taking a bold step within the next 7 days. Did you act upon something?
  1. IMG Expose – this is where you get to “Name” your IMG or IMGs and even draw a picture. Share out. (p.112)
  1. They use a radio broadcasting analogy (p.125) on telling the difference between your IMG and your Inner Wisdom. You can be tuned to 88.9 FEAR over which your IMG broadcasts her rants and sabotaging thoughts, or 108.0 LOVE through which your Inner Wisdom’s loving and honest truth flows. (108 being a sacred number.) If you pay attention to your body and start to notice how you feel , you will be able to tune into whether it’s your IMG or IW– your body never lies. Do you also find this to be true? Were you able to be more conscious or aware of “who” was speaking to you (your IMG or IW)?
  1. Love Mantras – List your top 5 Big Fat Lies and then ask your Inner Wisdom to add her loving TRUTH next to them. (p.136) Did you do this exercise? Did you practice the 3-step process (p. 142)? Did you find it helpful? I would like to have everyone share their Love Mantras out loud to give them energy, strength, and power.
  1. Did you assign your IMG a new job? Did you do the “Sacred Truce” meditation/exercise of sitting at a table with the IMG and your IW to reassign roles (p. 216)? Did you create a new drawing of your IMG and give her new tools, as suggested? Share the process with the group. (p.199)
  1. Put your IMG and IW to work! Commit to a breakthrough! Did you choose a breakthrough and commit to it? Can you do it for 40 days?

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