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Join best-selling authors, Amy Ahlers & Christine Arylo, for an event so powerful (and fun!) that your inner critic will never be the same!

Special Book Launch Party & Transformational Afternoon
SATURDAY, APRIL 11th * 1:00-4:00PM *

Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

5000 Clarewood Drive • Oakland, CA 94618

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

What if you could flip a switch, stop the critical voice in your head &
tune into a much wiser, more supportive voice instead?

Join us for this interactive, inspirational afternoon in celebration of the book release of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself based of the internationally acclaimed Inner Mean Girl Reform School program that has helped over 30,000 women transform their inner critics and empower their inner wisdom.

We are going to jumpstart your Inner Mean Girl transformation – by
giving her a new job so your Inner Wisdom can back control!

Together, with a community of other energized and inspiring
women and girls – men are invited too! – you will:

  • Identify your unique type of inner critic – a.k.a. your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude – based on 13 archetypes including the Achievement Junkie, Doing Addict and Worry Wart.
  • Reveal why you still get triggered, and what you can do to calm your inner critic down – so you can respond from love instead of react from fear.
  • Get super power tools for turning toxic habits like comparison, gossip, judgment, perfectionism into supportive self-loving habits – so you can stop sabotaging yourself.
  • Learn to motivate yourself with compassion and loving truth instead of criticizing, comparing and pushing yourself so hard – so you can stop stressing yourself and pressuring yourself.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between the voice of your inner critic and your inner wisdom – so you can make the right choices for yourself that lead to more personal happiness.
  • Get tools for tuning into your Inner Wisdom and acting on it – so you can follow your inner guidance even when you are afraid, confused or in doubt.
  • Give your Inner Mean Girl or Dude a new job – you can’t kill off your inner critic but you can redeploy her or him to serve you instead of sabotage you!



5000 Clarewood Drive Oakland, CA 94618

Option #1: Yes! I’ll be there – General Admission Ticket


$45 at the door **All Profits Benefit Girls Inc!**

Simply come on down to Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

5000 Clarewood Drive • Oakland, CA 94618


  • One signed copy of the new book – the Hardcover edition!
  • Three-hour interactive workshop and book party – with Amy and Christine & special guests
  • Good Karma – All profits go to benefit Girls Inc.
  • Girls High School or Younger Can Attend for Free!

Option #2: Yes! I’ll be there – VIP Ticket


$97 at the door **All Profits Benefit Girls Inc!**

Simply come on down to Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

5000 Clarewood Drive • Oakland, CA 94618


  • Front rows seating – for the entire afternoon
  • Special “After Party” reception with Amy & Christine – including personal Q & A with the authors, personalized signed copy of the book, and bubbles & chocolate!
  • One Hardcover edition of the new book – personally signed
  • Three-hour interactive workshop and book party – with Amy and Christine & special guests
  • Good Karma – All profits go to benefit Girls Inc.
  • Post Event Love, the 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse – we will be with you for 40-days after the event, as you join us and people around the world to cleanse their mind and emotions of the 6 most toxic Inner Mean Girl habits (normally $97)

All profits from the event will go to benefit Girls Inc.

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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

The presence of Inner Mean Girls begins as young as 6 years of age in our girls.
Left unattended to, these negative, fearful, sabotaging voices cause our girls, young women and later full grown women to make choices that do not honor their truth, the sacredness of their bodies or their own internal power. But when a girl learns how to tap into her Inner Wisdom and learns how to deal with the inner critic in an empowered way, she gains so much more possibility to become a woman

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About Girls Inc

Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, providing more than 138,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face. Girls Inc. gives girls the right tools and support to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment, peers who share their drive and aspirations, and research-based programming. At Girls Inc., girls learn to set and achieve goals, boldly confront challenges, resist peer pressure, see college as attainable, and explore nontraditional fields such as STEM. Informed by the experiences of girls and their families, Girls Inc. works with policymakers to advocate on key legislation and initiatives. To learn more about the Girls Inc of the Island City, go here, and to learn more about the Girls Inc of West Contra Costa, go here.

About Christine and Amy

Amy And Christine In The ParkChristine Arylo and Amy Ahlers are the co-founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, which has helped over 30,000 people create more self-compassionate relationships and make more self-empowering, self-loving choices.

Master coaches and transformational teachers, internationally recognized speakers and best-selling authors, Arylo’s and Ahlers’ have written three books between them including Choosing ME Before WE, Madly in Love with ME, and Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves.

Their inspiration and guidance have been featured in places such as CBS, ABC, NBC, TedX, and the Huffington Post. Visit them at www.InnerMeanGirl.com


by Karen Drucker, songwriter and amazing self-love mantra maker, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, visionary artist and poet,
and Nan Crawford, inspirational performer and women’s leadership expert

Music, Poetry, Art and Humor are Like Kryptonite to Inner Mean Girls … renders them completely powerless!

Karen Drucker
Karen Drucker
Nan Crawford
Nan Crawford

Do You Know What Else Renders Inner Mean Girls Powerless?


girls night out

Gather some friends & make it a girls night out! Come to the event in the afternoon, meet each others Inner Mean Girls, create a stronger connection to each others’ hearts, and then afterwards, have dinner, tea or a drink together and promise to support each other to stop being so hard on yourself and start listening to and following your Inner Wisdom, no matter what.

You can make a sisterhood pact to be there for each other all year, when you:

  • Have a negative self-talk attack and you need someone to break you out of the spell … you’ll be there for each other.
  • When you are about to sabotage yourself and you need someone to stop you… you’ll have support.
  • Need clarity to make the best choices in your life for you, when it’s hard to hear your Inner Wisdom and you need someone to reflect your truth to you… you’ll have someone to call.

Tickets available at the door!

(Girls under 18 may attend for free with adult- hooray! )

See You on the 11th!!

If you have questions, email our customer love center at support@innermeangirl.com

And until then, remember…