What if you could flip a switch, stop the critical voice in your head &
tune into a much wiser, more supportive voice instead?

A prescription for giving up negative self-talk, stopping self-sabotage & choosing self-love

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This 7-step process designed specifically for women has helped over 30,000 people
transform their inner critics and empower their inner wisdom.

This book will show you how to:

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  • Reveal your personal type of Inner Mean Girl – based on 13 different archetypes (the Good Girl, the Perfectionist, the Comparison Queen, and more… )
  • Expose the motivation behind your self-sabotage & break patterns that hold you back – gain deeper personal insight on what truly drives you
  • Transform self-criticism into self-compassion in minutes – and gain the power to change the thoughts in your mind and emotions in your body
  • Distinguish between the voice of your Inner Critic and Inner Wisdom – so you can make better choices
  • Turn up the volume of your Inner Wisdom and trust her guidance – even when it feels hard or scary
  • Give your Inner Mean Girl a new job – so she can serve you instead of sabotage you

Now there is finally a way to break through the negative self-talk and self-sabotage.

The difference is that this approach is powerful, practical AND playful!

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Transform your Inner Mean Girl

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  • Bonus #2: The Inner Wisdom Kit – Receive videos, meditations, visualizations, worksheets, interviews and more to super power your transformation. A multi-media downloadable kit that includes so much, including videos on how to illustrate your Inner Mean Girl, meditations that help you find calm within the chaos of Inner Mean Girl attacks, and visualizations that attune you to the guidance of your Inner Wisdom and find the right job for your Inner Mean Girl.
  • Bonus #3: Immediate access to the Inner Mean Girl Archetypes & Quiz – find out what type of Inner Mean Girl you have today! As soon as you buy your book, we’ll send you a full assessment which includes descriptions of all 13 types of Inner Mean Girls, including her toxic habits, big fat lies and weapons, and a quiz to help you identify which one is running you.

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What the Experts are Saying about
the Reform Your Inner Mean Girl book :

About the Authors, Amy & Christine

Amy Ahlers & Christine AryloAmy Ahlers & Christine Arylo are the best-selling authors and transformational teachers who co-founded the internationally acclaimed Inner Mean Girl Reform School that has served over 30,000 women on 6 continents to transform their inner critics and empower their inner wisdom.

About Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo Black Leather JacketInspirational catalyst, MBA, bestselling author, spiritual activist & founder of the international self-love movement

Christine Arylo is a transformational teacher, internationally recognized speaker, and best-selling author of the official self-love guidebook, Madly in Love with ME: The Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend.

After earning her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and climbing the corporate ladder for fifteen years, working for companies like Gap, PepsiCo, and Kraft, she chose to devote her life to creating a new reality for adults and children, one based on self-love and true feminine power instead of the relentless pursuit of having to do, be, and have it all.

Christine is the founder of the international self-love movement and Self-Love Day on February 13; the author of the go-to bestselling book on love and relationships, Choosing ME Before WE; the cofounder with Amy Ahlers of the Inner Mean Girl Reform School, the virtual self-love school for women; and the creator of a series of forty-day self-love practices. She also acts as a self-worth advocate and specialist for organizations that serve women and children, and a spiritual mentor for emerging and established women leaders. Her dedication earned her the affectionate title “The Queen of Self-Love.”

Christine has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, WGN, E!, in the Huffington Post, and on radio shows, spas, conferences, conference rooms, classrooms, and stages around the world, including TEDx. She normally lives in California with her soul partner, Noah, but is known for her love of travel, and spiritual adventure and exploration. And so can often be found leading transformational conversations and sacred retreats around the world.

About Amy Ahlers

Amy AhlersThe Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

Amy Ahlers, the Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author, is on a mission to stop women from being so darn hard on themselves. Since 2000, she has been an International Certified Success Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin and Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin and Martha Beck. Her newest passion is supporting moms to embrace the whole truth of motherhood, messiness and magic with the Mama Truth Circle.

Amy has been a featured expert on lots of TV & radio shows, and for media outlets like ABC, FOX, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. She loves lighting up the stage at events where she wakes people up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, inspiring women to find the everyday sacred.

Her first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar (New World Library, 2011), shot up to #1 in several categories on Amazon, including Self-Help, Happiness and Self-Esteem. Her next book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself, she co-wrote with Christine Arylo, and is based on the internationally acclaimed program that has helped over 30,000 around the world love their inner critics to death.

A 2010 recipient of the Women Who Dare Award from Girls Inc., she holds a BA from the University of California, earned the CPCC designation from The Coaches Training Institute and is a Master Coach Equivalent. Amy is known best for her unconditional love, relentless enthusiasm, and kick ass truth telling. You can often find Amy in the San Francisco Bay Area holding hands with her husband, Rob, as they run after their firecracker daughters, Annabella and Evie Rose.


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First of all, we’re so honored you asked! We’d be so grateful if you share our message and our book with your community. You can simply send your tribe to www.innermeangirlbook.com  or www.innermeangirlquiz.com to get started.

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Again, so honored to be asked! The short answer is YES. Simply email Sarah, sarah@innermeangirl.com, and she’ll get you the goodies. You can also visit our media page here.

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Simply email support@innermeangirl.com or call 1.888.929.2531.

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You betcha! Simply email Sarah at sarah@innermeangirl.com and she will hook you up.

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Want to know what other women have experienced by
reforming their Inner Mean Girls? Read on…

Inner Mean Girl Reform School changed my life in every way. When I found this work, I had already done years of therapy and self-help courses. But I still felt insecure and unlovable at my core. When I came face to face with my Inner Mean Girl, I had a light bulb moment. It allowed me to put a face to the harsh critic inside me and finally liberate myself from her wrath. I now see myself as whole and lovable for the first time in my life.”
– Julie Greer, IMGRS Graduate

I had to quiet my Inner Mean Girl to even consider that I could be an author and illustrator. Thankful, Inner Mean Girl Reform School appeared just when I needed it and allowed me to see the possibilities! Now, years later, I am about to publish my
book. THANK YOU!”
Kim McBriarty Dettmer, IMGRS Graduate

At last I finally KNOW when the B.S. Inner Mean Girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom. Plus I have a community to go to that reminds me of my greatness.”
– Gayle Merka, IMGRS Student

It is an adventure of a lifetime and the coolest part is these are things I will continue to use and strengthen the rest of my days. I can’t imagine a day now without are the tools I learned. Unconditional self-love is powerful beyond words. Thank you times infinity.”
— K.L. Engle, IMGRS Graduate

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