What if you could flip a switch, stop the critical voice in your head &
tune into a much wiser, more supportive voice instead?

Spend a powerful, fun and transformative afternoon with other women like yourself breaking free of negative self-talk and self-sabotage to unlock more happiness, well being and success in your life!

Saturday, October 3rd 1-5pm
Chicago (Jesse Brown VA)

Dedicated event for women affiliated with the military
PLUS! a special concurrent session for children age 8-18


“Life Changing, Revolutionary, Incredible”

Based on best-selling book Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Self Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself, that has helped over 30,000 women on 6 continents, you’ll spend the afternoon getting super power tools to give up negative self-talk… stop self-sabotaging habits like comparison, perfectionism, overworking and overgiving… transform your inner critic into a supportive ally… strengthen your ability to hear & follow the voice and guidance of your inner truth, and as a result, make choices that empower you to create a life aligned with the truth of your heart & soul!

Join three time best-selling author & internationally acclaimed transformational teacher Christine Arylo, and hosts SheForce, AllenForce & Illinois Joining Forces


For an afternoon where you will:

  • Identify your unique type of inner critic– a.k.a. your “Inner Mean Girl“ – based on 13 inner critic archetypes specific to women, including the Achievement Junkie, Doing Addict, Comparison Queen and Worry Wart.
  • Take back control of your mind, emotions and actions and learn how to calm your Inner Mean Girl down, find compassion for yourself and find your center – especially in times of stress, stretch and fear.
  • Get super power tools for turning toxic habits like comparison, perfectionism, overgiving and overworking into self supportive habits – so you can stop sabotaging yourself and wasting your energy and keep your thoughts and actions focused on what makes you feel happy and successful.
  • Learn to distinguish between the two forces within you – your Inner Critic and your Inner Wisdom – and gain the ability to overpower your Inner Mean Girl and put your Inner Wisdom in charge of your life.
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate with your Inner Wisdom, trust yourself, and follow your inner truth even when it’s scary, seems irrational, or goes against other’s opinions. Learn simple but mighty practices that work out your spiritual and emotional muscles in your every day life so that when you face big choices – in your career, relationships, money, and health – you can follow your inner truth, no matter what.

Reform Your IMG

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with YOU.

When you transform that, everything else transforms naturally.

One of the best things about this afternoon is that it will be fun and full of other women like you who are connected to the military and are also committed to living their best lives.

Transforming our inner critics and listening to the guidance of our Inner Wisdom can be so challenging. But when we do it with some humor and in the company of other women, big shifts happen in short amounts of time.

It’s a super powered afternoon where you get to reform your inner critic into your inner superheroine!

And if you have children, now is the time to teach them how to listen
to the voice of their Inner Wisdom, so they can trust and love themselves.


There will be a special “Inner Wisdom Super Power Session” led by certified self-love guide, meditation teacher and mother of three, Melissa Bingham for kids ages 8-18 during the same time as your workshop in which they learn:

  • How to tell the difference between the voice of their inner critic and their Inner Wisdom.
  • Super power tools for strengthening their connection to their Inner Wisdom, including the 4 Inner Wisdom Communication Stations.
  • Simple but mighty antidotes for toxic habits like comparison, perfectionism, anxiety and worry.
  • Strategies for making choices that honor their truth no matter what – even in the midst of peer pressure, self doubt and fear.
  • Daily practices they can use to help them find their peaceful and still confident center.

The presence of the inner critic voice begins as young as 8 years of age in our kids
Left unattended to, these negative, fearful, sabotaging voices cause our kids to make choices that do not honor their truth or their own internal power. But when they learn how to tap into their Inner Wisdom and learn how to deal with the inner critic in an empowered way, they gain emotional tools that will support them throughout their entire lives.



820 South Damen Avenue, Chicago IL


Get My Tickets – Yes! I’ll be there

$35 in advance per person
$45 at the door
Kids under 18 are free


  • Three-hour interactive workshop – with best selling author Christine Arylo
  • Special live question and answer session & book signing
  • A signed copy of the best-selling book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl – Hardcover edition!
  • Self-care goodie bag – donated by local women’s companies

Special Note: Only children between the ages of 8 to 18 accompanying an adult attending the workshop may attend. Teens aged 16-18 will have the option to attend the adult session. Children 8-15 will be in a separate room being led through a age appropriate session. If you have children under the age of 8, make arrangements for childcare outside of the event, so that you can focus 100% on yourself and so the other women at the event have a child-free space to focus on themselves.

Do You Know What Else Renders Inner Mean Girls Powerless?



Gather some friends & make it a girl’s afternoon! Come to the event in the afternoon, meet each other’s Inner Mean Girls, create a stronger connection to each others’ hearts, and then afterwards, have dinner, tea or a drink together and promise to support each other to stop being so hard on yourself and start listening to and following your Inner Wisdom, no matter what.

You can make a sisterhood pact to be there for each other when you:

  • Have a negative self-talk attack and you need someone to break you out of the spell … you’ll be there for each other.
  • When you are about to sabotage yourself and you need someone to stop you… you’ll have support.
  • Need clarity to make the best choices in your life for you, when it’s hard to hear your Inner Wisdom and you need someone to reflect your truth to you… you’ll have someone to call.

Is this afternoon workshop for you?

Do you:

  • Compare yourself to your friends, colleagues or even strangers?
  • Struggle to make decisions because you’re afraid of choosing the wrong thing?
  • Have a hard time saying, “no,” and end up over-committed and overwhelmed?
  • Put everything and everyone first – and yourself last – and you feel burnt-out?
  • Sabotage your own best efforts and dreams?
  • Criticize and judge others – and yourself?
  • Make mistakes and then obsess about it for hours, sometimes even days?
  • Wake up to your “To Do” list running in your mind?
  • Strive for perfection or fall victim to procrastination?
  • Feel anxious, try to control anything and everything? Find yourself obsessing?
  • Feel always busy, like you are always DOING and NEVER relaxing?
  • Find yourself in relationships that drain you instead of support you?

If your answer to any of these was YES, then get yourself signed up for this powerful and fun afternoon 100% focused on YOU being supported and getting what you need.


About Christine Arylo

INSPIRATIONAL CATALYST, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, AND SELF LOVE ADVOCATE is on a mission to create a new reality for women and girls, one based on true feminine power, freedom and self-love instead of the relentless pursuit and unsustainable pressure of having to do, be and have it all. She’s written three best-selling books, Choosing ME before WE and Madly in Love With Me, and her newest, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself, based on the breakthrough program “Inner Mean Girl Reform School” she co-created with Amy Ahlers, which has helped over 30,000 women on 6 continents transform their inner critics and create stronger connection to their Inner Wisdom, and as a result make better, healthier choices for themselves.

After leaving a successful 15-year corporate career in 2006, she founded the international self-love movement, including the international Self Love Day on February 13th which has been celebrated in over 41 countries. Her dedication and devotion have made her a sought out thought leader and teacher of self-love and self-worth.

Her opinions and transformational techniques have been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, WGN, E!, in the Huffington Post, and on radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world, including TEDx. She is a mentor for many emerging and established women leaders globally and leads retreats and workshops all around the world. She lives in Northern California with her partner Noah but was born and raised in Chicago where she attended DePaul University and received her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Christine’s father served in the armed forces in the 1960’s and her grandfather served in World War II.

Jen“Christine’s gift is in empowering each and every person she touches”

Christine is a master in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. She is one of the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that’s saying a lot!!! She is far more than effective; Christine’s gift is in empowering each and every person she touches.

Jen, CEO of Breakthrough Partners, corporate consultant & leadership coach – Reformed Inner Mean Girls: Achievement Junkie, Doing Addict and Rejection Queen

Gayle“I have the structure and support to go after and live my highest calling and dreams!”

At last I finally KNOW when the B.S. Inner Mean Girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom.

Gayle, corporate executive – Reformed Inner Mean Girls: Worry Wart, Perfectionist, Doing Addict

Katie LeathersNow, I take time each day to check in with my Inner Wisdom about what she has to say.

I am developing such a rich and rewarding relationship with her.  She most recently guided me to leave a job that was holding me back and draining my energy, and to take a chance on love.  I spend time cultivating my relationship with my inner mean girl as well, so that she can share need-to-know information with me so that I make informed decisions, but she no longer gets to run my life.  She is becoming a partner, rather than an unbridled bully.  Working with Christine gave me my life back.

Katie, Female Empowerment Coach. Reformed Inner Mean Girls: Comparison Queen, Invincible SuperWoman, Perfectionist

About the Hosts for this special event

AllenForceLogoTagRGBOur mission is to promote a healthy and successful lifestyle for all veterans of all eras of the United States Armed Forces and their families by providing positive networking, fitness and recreational opportunities and community events. AllenForce strives to bridge the gap between military and civilian life as veterans face an ever-changing adjustment process after serving our nation.

SheForceLOGOColorSheForce is a program of AllenForce that empowers women directly impacted by the military with the confidence to reconnect and honor themselves as a woman. We emphasize taking time out to embrace their unique needs through a holistic approach to life.

IllinoisJoiningForcesIllinois Joining Forces (IJF) is a statewide, public-private network of veteran- and military-serving organizations. We collaborate in person and online to help service members, veterans, and their families navigate the “sea of goodwill.”


We’d love to see you on Saturday, October 3rd! In the event you have some questions for us before hand, you can reach out to Melissa Bingham, our event director, at