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Spend a powerful, fun and transformative weekend surrounded by beauty & the sisterhood of an intimate group of awesome women, breaking free of negative self-talk and self-sabotage to unlock more happiness and success in your life!

**Bring your friends, make it a girlfriend or mother/daughter weekend, special packages available**


“Life Changing, Revolutionary, Incredible”

Based on the internationally acclaimed Inner Mean Girl Reform School process that has helped over 30,000 women on six continents, you’ll spend the weekend getting super power tools to give up  negative self-talk… stop self-sabotaging habits like comparison, perfectionism, overworking and overgiving… transform your inner critic into a supportive ally… strengthen your ability to hear & follow the voice and guidance of your inner truth, and…

As a result make choices that lead you to create more happiness & success and a life aligned with the truth of your heart & soul.

Join best-selling authors,
Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers,
for a weekend where you will:

  • Get intimate with your personal Inner Mean Girl and take back the control of your mind, emotions and actions – expose what triggers her, why you created her, what she thinks her job is, and what her main weapons and skills are. Release and rewire the negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging habits that are like broken records inside your psyche and life you are sick and tired of listening to!
  • Learn to tell the difference between the voice of your Inner Mean Girl and the sage guidance of your Inner Wisdom so you can make choices that support you instead of sabotage you – Most women sabotage themselves because they don’t know how to distinguish between their two inner forces. By the end of this weekend, you will have the super power to tell the difference.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself, putting so much pressure on yourself, and freaking yourself out – You’ll get the self-love antidote for the most toxic, self-bullying habits we women suffer from… Comparison, Setting Unrealistic Expectations, Perfectionism, Obsessive Worrying & Thinking, Self-Judgment, Busyness, and Over-working and Over-giving.
  • Receive simple but mighty tools to use in your every day life to help you find compassion for yourself when things don’t go perfectly, give yourself permission to relax, and find your center in the midst of stressful times. You will no longer be overtaken by overwhelm, anxiety, stress, fear or other people’s stuff.
  • Strengthen your ability and mastery to hear your intuition, trust yourself, and follow your inner truth even when it’s scary, seems irrational, or goes against other’s opinions. Get super power tools for building your spiritual and emotional muscles in your every day life so that when you face big choices – in your career, relationships, money, and health – you can follow your inner truth, no matter what.
  • Gain trust in a different way of getting things done and approaching your life – a “Feminine Super Power” way – that creates more spaciousness, true success and happiness for you. Learn some ancient feminine wisdom applied to our modern times so you can unplug from the crazy making, i-have-to-do-it-all machine and begin to create a more sustainable life for yourself based on what truly makes you feel happy, successful and supported.

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with YOU.

When you transform that, everything else transforms naturally.

Reform Your IMGOh… and did we mention that you are going to give your Inner Mean Girl a new job that she loves, so she can support you instead of torment you!

It’s going to be a transformative
and FUN Weekend.
Summer Camp for your Inner Mean Girl…
your inner critic will never be the same.

June 5th -7th
Inner Mean Girl Summer Camp

**An Intimate Sacred Circle**

No tents… good food, comfy beds and sisterhood!


Earth Rise Retreat Center

San Francisco Bay Area –

Nestled in the Beautiful Hills of Petaluma, California

A sacred place and time for your Inner Wisdom to get super-charged and take back the driver’s seat of your choices, feelings and thoughts… empowering you to follow your own inner truth and live in alignment with your heart and soul desires, no matter what!

Jen“Amy and Christine are Masters”

Amy and Christine are masters in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. They are the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that’s saying a lot!!! Amy and Christine are far more than effective; their gift is in empowering each and every person they touch.

Jen, CEO of Breakthrough Partners, corporate consultant & leadership coach – Reformed Inner Mean Girls: Achievement Junkie, Doing Addict and Rejection Queen

Gayle“I have the structure and support to go after and live my highest calling and dreams!”

At last I finally KNOW when the B.S. Inner Mean Girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom.

Gayle, corporate executive – Reformed Inner Mean Girls: Worry Wart, Perfectionist, Doing Addict

What’s Included in this Weekend Retreat?

  • 3 days with Christine & Amy and an amazing group of women in the hills of Northern California Wine Country.
  • The full Inner Mean Girl Reform School Summer Camp experience – including group time, individual time, exercises, inner mean girl transformation super power tools, inner wisdom strengtheners and more.
  • Guidance, teaching and love from Christine Arylo, Amy Ahlers and the Inner Wisdom coaches
  • Meals and lodging at the Earthrise retreat center – it’s all-inclusive based on what type of accomodations you choose. Meals include Dinner on Friday through Sunday lunch.

And…Special BONUS Goodies!

To help you get up close & personal with your Inner Mean Girl before you arrive at Summer Camp, we’re including these special BONUSES for you!

  • Our NEW “Reform Your Inner Mean Girl” book – Learn all about the 13 Inner Mean Girl Archetypes and which ones you relate to the most. Learn how to recognize your Inner Mean Girls negative chatter in the moment, take a pause, and tune into the loving truth of your Inner Wisdom. We’ll share more about this during the retreat, but reading the book is a great start!

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

  • 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse – We all develop toxic habits that our Inner Mean Girls use to sabotage our happiness, freedom and sanity. During summer camp we will go deeper into these toxic habits, but you can begin learning about them now through the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse. Every day, for 40 days, you’ll get inspiration delivered to your inbox to help you transform the six most toxic habits into six new self-loving acts. To learn more about the cleanse, you can visit We’ll send you instant access to the cleanse within 24 hours after you register for Summer Camp!


What is the investment?

  • Tuition: Summer Camp Tuition: $497, (one-pay, or two-payment option available).  Bring a group of friends, and receive 50% of their tuition.  **See special “Girlfriends Discount” below for more information.
  • Lodging & Meals: Meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and your lodging choice of #1.  Commuter Registration – $162 (for meals for the entire weekend, without lodging) OR #2.  Shared Room – $332 (includes lodging/meals for the entire weekend, and you can also pick your roommate if you have someone in mind you want to share with.) OR #3.  Single Room – $442 (includes lodging/meals for the entire weekend)
  • How it works: Your tuition is paid directly to Inner Mean Girl Reform School when you enroll on this page. Your lodging and room reservations will be made seperately with Earthrise retreat center. You will receive all the information on making your reservations via email after you register.

What time does Summer Camp begin and end?

Camp begins promptly at 4:00 pm on Friday, June 5th.  We suggest you arrive by 3:00pm to get settled.  We will complete by 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 7th.  If you are flying out on Sunday, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to say your goodbyes and arrive at the airport with ease.  Oakland and San Francisco airports are both about 1.25 hours from Earthrise.

What if I have to cancel after I book?

All bookings are final – However, if an unforeseen circumstance occurs and you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket to a woman you love OR your tuition can be transferred to our virtual Inner Mean Girl Reform School Home Study Course.

Will you be offering this retreat again?

This is the first time we have offered this retreat since 2012. We have no plans currently to offer this retreat again, except on the East Coast in August at Kripalu. So if your Inner Wisdom is giving you a nudge, now is the time to give this weekend experience to yourself. We’d be honored and thrilled to spend the weekend with you!

Can I bring a friend, sister, mother or daughter?

We are a big believer that when women come together, shift happens! Which means two things – one, even if you come on your own, if you want sisterhood, you will have the chance to connect with other women and even create lasting friendships. Two, sharing an experience with someone close to you – or someone you would like to be closer to – can be a great way to strengthen your support system for when you return home, especially for when those Inner Mean Girl attacks happen (which they will).

**In fact, we feel so strongly about women sharing experiences like these with other women they love, who compare themselves too much or are way to way too hard on themselves, that we are offering HALF OFF the tuition for any girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter you bring with you.

Gather a big ole’ group of girlfriends together, or make it a mother/daughter bonding experience (minimum age is 16). Kick negative self-talk to the curb together!


Have Questions?

We’d love to connect and answer any questions you have. You can contact our Summer Camp retreat director Melissa Bingham at

To Claim your Space Now for this Weekend Adventure

Register today!


Inner Mean Girl Summer Camp
June 5-7th
Earthrise Retreat Center
With Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers

Transform your Inner Mean Girl. Empower your Inner Wisdom.

(this is an intimate circle of women and the only time we will be leading a weekend retreat together, so we’d LOVE to be with you!!!)

  • 3 days with Christine & Amy and an amazing group of women in the hills of Northern California Wine Country.
  • The full Inner Mean Girl Reform School Summer Camp experience – including group time, individual time, exercises, inner mean girl transformation super power tools, inner wisdom strengtheners and more.
  • Guidance, teaching and love from Christine Arylo, Amy Ahlers and the Inner Wisdom coaches
  • Meals and lodging at the Earthrise retreat center – it’s all-inclusive based on what type of accomodations you choose. Meals include Dinner on Friday through Sunday lunch.

Tuition: One payment of $497

or two-payment option of just $248.50 per payment (one payment today, one 30 days from today)

**For each additional tuition you purchase for a girlfriend, mom, daughter or sister,
you’ll receive 50% OFF. Simply change the “quantity” number when you check-out,
to reflect the number of registrations you are purchasing.
The discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.

plus lodging and meals
(instructions will be sent to make lodging reservations after you register)


And wait this gets even better… we won’t abandon you after the retreat.

Many times after attending one of these heart and spirit opening experiences, you go back into your life, and while you have changed, not everyone else has! we’ve got your back!! You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a community of people dedicated to self-love and living a life guided by their own inner truth, no matter what. We’ll be here to guide you to integrate and support you moving forward using the power of all the self-love and spiritual mojo we created together.

This is a VERY intimate and exclusive retreat so don’t delay, your adventure begins the minute you register. We are looking forward to having a transformative and fun weekend with you (and your Inner Mean Girl & Inner Wisdom)!

Kelly“Amy and Christine were the most wonderful and thoughtful leaders I can imagine.”

They are masters in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. They were kind, supportive, encouraging, and appealed to every single learning style conceivable (covering scientific types, emotional types, visual types, etc). And most of all, they were GENTLE with us, using love and humor to encourage us to grow. It truly changed my life… Before, I thought the mean voices in my head were just me. Now I have a voice that loves me for who I am, right now.

– Kelly, Entrepreneur, Jewelry Artist – Reformed Inner Mean Girl: Perfectionist

Mary M“Inner Mean Girl Reform School changed my life.”

Before I attended IMGRS, from an outsider’s perspective, I seemed to have it all. I was a smart, successful, single woman in her mid-to-late 30s with a great job. My inner reality was different. I worked all the time in an effort to be well-liked, well-regarded, and to matter. I felt increasingly stuck and depressed. Today my life is radically different. I am madly in love with myself and my body, and will never again settle for less than what my heart and soul desire. The Vicious IMG only occasionally rears her ugly head and usually at a fraction of her former vileness, embodying one IMG archetype at a time. In Summer 2014, I quit my job so that I could take a year off and go deeper on my spiritual path. I am taking care of myself, facing my fears, going on adventures, and living a more open-hearted life. I even started dating again. In this present moment, I am happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

– Mary M. Former Government Director, currently on Global Sabbatical Reformed Inner Mean Girl: Perfectionist, Rejection Queen, Comparison Queen

Is this weekend retreat for you?

Signs you have an Inner Mean Girl overriding your inner wisdom and bullying and sabotaging you! Do you:

  • Compare yourself to your friends, colleagues or even strangers? Find yourself measurably inferior – or superior?
  • Struggle to make decisions because you’re afraid of choosing the wrong thing?
  • Have a hard time saying, “no,” and end up over-committed, exhausted, and overwhelmed?
  • Put everything and everyone first – and yourself last – and you feel burnt-out and desperately in need of a break (from work, from your kids, from life!)?
  • Sabotage your own best efforts, even when it comes to things you really want?
  • Criticize and judge others – and you don’t stop there. One of your favorite people to criticize? Yourself.
  • Make mistakes and then obsess about it for hours, sometimes even days?
  • Go to sleep with and wake up to your “To Do” list running in your mind?
  • Strive for perfection or fall victim to procrastination and get stuck in the ‘getting ready to get ready’ mode, so nothing materializes as fast as you’d like?
  • Worry that you are screwing up your life, career, business, kids, relationship, etc? Feel anxious, try to control anything and everything? Find yourself obsessing?
  • Always busy, always DOING, and NEVER relaxing. Not even for a moment. You don’t have TIME to relax?
  • Find yourself at the center of drama-filled relationships, whether they’re romantic or otherwise?

If your answer to any of these was YES, then get you and your Inner Mean Girl signed up for Summer Camp right away and register for this fabulous, fun, fiery weekend.

You have nothing to lose and
only your sanity, peace of mind, and happiness to gain.


Sisterhood & Support! Gather a group of your friends, daughters, colleagues & take a stand for women you care about. Make it a girls weekend!


First ticket $497, all others 50% off, only $247 (plus payment plan available at checkout)

Simply order at one time & our order form will adjust!

Pass this invitation on to women who compare themselves way too much, or don’t recognize enough how fabulous they are, or just seriously are way to hard on themselves. Gather a big ole’ group of girlfriends for this life-changing weekend. You can kick negative self-talk to the curb together! Oh yeah!!!

See you in June!

Amy And Christine In The Park

Christine & Amy