The Wake-Up Call Show: Stop the Compare and Despair Game!

 In Shifting Toxic Habits

Dear One,

Recently I was speaking to a group of powerful, successful women and was SO astounded by the inspiration and vulnerability in the room. (I love my job!)

In the room we we’re talking all about the toxin of comparison. So I have a question for you….

Do you ever compare yourself to the people around you?

You know what I mean… do you look at other women and judge yourself for not being as much, as accomplished, as thin, as “fill in the blank?” Do you wonder why you aren’t “farther along?” Feel less than fabulous about all you’ve done when you look at what others have accomplished?

It’s okay to admit if you do… after talking to over 15,000 women about their Inner Mean Girl’s, I’ve learned that the Comparison Queen is one of the #1 archetypes…

That’s why today, in the name of erasing Big Fat Lies from your mind, heart and soul, I am sending you one of my best super-powered tips for giving up comparison for good!

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And now, drum roll please… the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Introducing one of THE most common Inner Mean Girls…

Mirror-not-measuring-up-212x300Identity: The Comparison Queen

Favorite Weapons: Inferiority Complex and Superiority Complex

Big Fat Lies she beats you up with:

  • “You don’t measure up.”

  • “You’re inadequate.”

  • “If you were more like so-and-so, you’d be happier, wealthier, etc. So-and-so has it all together.”

  • ” You’d better keep up with the Joneses.”

  • “You can’t relax – you’ll just fall behind even further.”


  • “Well, compared to her, you’re way further along.”

  • “You are so much better than so-and-so.”

Job Description: Using big measuring sticks, she compares you to others. In her twisted mind, she’s making sure you’re always working harder and not falling behind. While “protecting” you from being vulnerable, she’s REALLY keeping you from the love and connection you crave.

Talents: Jealousy, judgment, turning a friend’s great news into a reason to feel bad about yourself; measuring you against people who have accomplished amazing feats or who are doing what you really want to do but haven’t done yet; making your good news seem like it’s not enough. Judging others as less than who seem “behind” you in some way to boost your ego.

Her Worst Adversary: Your INNER WISDOM.

Your Inner Wisdom knows: The Comparison Queen is afraid of: risks, progress, rejection, and your GREATNESS.

She costs you: awesome opportunities, deep connections, partnerships and mentoring, and celebrating others’ greatness.

She can be transformed into: your personal “Talent Scout.” Use her to discover the extraordinary beauty and brilliance in others, and instead of comparing yourself to others, connect with them.

Without your Comparison Queen’s Big Fat Lies, you’ll gain: deep connections, happiness and inspiration from others’ success and – you’ll open yourself up to meet really COOL people!

A Super Powered Tool For Giving Up Comparison:

On our Open House, “Stop Being So Hard on Yourself: 3 secrets to Transforming that Self Sabotaging Critic in your Head to a Self Empowering Ally instead!” we are going deep into how to rid yourself of comparison and all it’s nasty side effects … so make sure to join us.

And for now… we dare you to try this self love antidote to comparison:

  • The next time you start comparing yourself to someone else … STOP! And appreciate them instead! Turn the channel in your head to the Love Channel, and find something you appreciate about this person, or something about them that inspires you.
  • THEN — DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP — reach out to that person and tell them specifically what inspires you about them! (If this makes you apprehensive – it’s supposed to … it’s a double dog DARE! Try it – I bet you’ll like it!)

It’s time to burn up all the negative self-talk and Big Fat Lies for good… time to have fun, be spontaneous, and experience the magic of being your own best friend, cuz you know, a b.f.f. would never compare you to someone else. She’d love you for exactly who you are!

To the truth about how fabulous you are,


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