Meet The Invincible Superwoman – Reform this Inner Mean Girl

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The Invincible Super Woman…

Perhaps like me, you occasionally (or a lot) get sideswiped by this pressure creating maven?

She’s the one who makes you feel like the weight of the world in on your shoulders (or head!)

Her job? To keep you looking strong, never showing weakness.

Her toxic habits? She over schedules and over commits you and watches you melt because of the pressure. She pushes you hard to make more than is humanely possible happen. She pushes away the support you need. She makes you work all the time, starving you from joy.

See if you have an Invincible Super Woman sabotaging you! Watch this 2 minute video from our LA Reform Your Inner Mean Girl Workshop where I fully let the Invincible Super Woman come to life (you’ll love it!)

And I’ll also let you in on a secret. I can share this particular Inner Mean Girl so well because I have an Invincible Super Woman IMG who has definitely been attempting to take over throughout this new book release for Reform Your Inner Mean Girl.

Trying to make ME feel like I have to do it all on my own.

Feeding me the Big Fat Lie that I am not supported. She loves that one!

Finding evidence to support her story that I am not supported and that it’s all on me!

Triggering me to revert to old toxic habits like over controlling, over compensating and doing it all myself – ugh!

But here’s the good news – I KNOW this IMG intimately. I know exactly how I feel inside when she’s on the scene. I know the Big Fat Lies. And I know the behaviors I start up when she shows up. This empowered me to know it was my IMG trying to creep in and mess with me.

So I did the exact opposite of what makes her powerful – I exposed her! And then I used an IMG De-activator that proves I AM SUPPORTED.

>> Watch the video, I’ll share the IMG De-Activator & you’ll get a laugh at just how ridiculous this Inner Mean Girl really is.

** And after you watch the video, take an inspired action with me… Share what your Inner Invincible Super Woman has been driving you to do or feel!

Together, in solidarity and sisterhood, as we expose these inner sabotaging forces within, they loose their power.

We stop pretending we have it all together. We see others feel just like we do. Our hearts open. We set down the weight of the world. And we inspire our friends, our kids, and women we don’t even know to stop being so much pressure on themselves too. Ahh… freedom!!!

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