“You’re Unlovable” = Big Fat Lies of the Rejection Queen

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It’s Amy here, coming to you from Inner Mean Girl Reform School HQ, where we are putting extra sparkles and pixie dust on the upcoming Inner Mean Girl Summer Camp retreat coming up in just a couple weeks.

I wanted to take a moment out from all our retreat prep to talk to you about an Inner Mean Girl that is so nefarious and cruel, so joy stealing and painful, that it’s almost unbelievable she exists inside the minds and hearts of so many amazing, inspiring, fabulous women (perhaps even inside of you?)

We call her the Rejection Queen Inner Mean Girl Archetype.  Watch this super short 1 minute video from our book launch party where I act out (complete with a martini glass!) my version of the Rejection Queen..who I like to call Loveless Lulu. Even though her words are cruel, she’s an absolute riot!

Here are some signs you may just have a Rejection Queen lurking in the shadows of your mind and heart:

  • You feel unlovable or like you’re “damaged goods”
  • You find yourself believing no matter what you do, or how you change, you’ll never belong
  • You often don’t even try to reach out and create new friendships or romantic relationships because you’re sure you’ll end up getting hurt and rejected (and so you create that self-fulfilling prophecy)
  • When things get tricky or challenging in a relationship you put a wall up to protect yourself, taking your ball and going home
  • You have a big, fat overarching negative belief about men, women or relationships (a la “all men are assholes” or “people just aren’t trustworthy” or “women are crazy”)
  • You overstay in relationships that are toxic because you’re sure no one else will ever love you and you’d rather be with the wrong person than alone

Sound familiar?  If so, darling one, you have a Rejection Queen, and it’s time to reform her! (Not sure what kind of Inner Mean Girl you have? You can always take our free, fun & fast Inner Mean Girl Quiz here)

I hope the video makes you literally laugh out loud and see the absolute absurdity of the Rejection Queen and that you’ll do the instant deactivator tool to begin reforming your Inner Mean Girl.

Pssst….my Inner Wisdom wanted me to remind you;


With unstoppable heart,





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