This Changed My Life (and so many others!)

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It’s Amy here with a special, super powered transformation tool to share with you.

Since 2000, I’ve coached tens of thousands of clients via private session, group classes, tele-classes, video, live events, books and more. Over the years I’ve created one VERY simple, but INCREDIBLY powerful process. It really is the cornerstone of my work in the world and has changed my life in huge ways.

Today I want to introduce you (or remind you!) of this powerful process that you can use anytime you’re feeling any sort of negative emotion.

It’s called The Wake-Up Call Three Step Process and is featured in our bestselling Reform Your Inner Mean Girl book and in my first bestselling book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves. It is something I do nearly every single day and has changed my life and so many of our readers and students lives.

Anytime you’re feeling down, blue, angry, frustrated, sad, annoyed etc. try this:

  • Step One: Ask yourself, “What is my Inner Mean Girl/Inner Critic saying?”

    Really articulate that voice. ’Fess up to the ugly, sad words that are clanging around in your head. Often just hearing the words aloud will wake you up and shake you out of your emotional slump. Bring the Big Fat Lies out of the darkness and into the light so they can be healed.

  • Step Two: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What does my Inner Wisdom know?”

    And then let her speak — not platitudes or forced optimism— but rather the Truth about who you are and what your soul’s purpose might be in this moment.

  • Step Three: Finally, let your Inner Wisdom’s Truth take root by repeating it back (aloud if possible), accompanied by a physical gesture to really lock in the message.

    This is a potent neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) technique to bring your physical body into alignment with your Truth. My Inner Wisdom has me tap my heart, my client Jeanine waves her hand like a butterfly floating away from her, and my friend Alison touches her belly. Attaching a physical gesture not only deepens the learning, but it also gives you a movement to engage in whenever you are feeling angry, upset, or sad. Your Inner Wisdom’s gesture will remind your body to calm down, even without word.

Watch this video, where I take a young woman named “T” through the 3 step process on stage in front of a few hundred women. She was SO BRAVE!

I recently got an email from a doctor who did the process:

THANK YOU. I just did the wake up call process and then I watched the live demo. it brought tears to my eyes. Me, the stubborn, fierce, strong, burned out physician who rarely cries. Thank you.”

I hope it brings tears to your eyes and allows you to feel some joy and relief. I’d love to hear about your experience with the Wake-Up Call Three Step Process. Let us know how it goes on the Inner Mean Girl Facebook page!

With great heart,


P.S. In every moment of every day you have a choice to follow the guidance of your Inner Mean Girl or your Inner Wisdom.

Your IMG will lead you to feelings like guilt, shame, and fear. Your Inner Wisdom will lead you to LOVE and COMPASSION.

Choose LOVE!



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