Inner Mean Girl Transformational Tale… How I Transformed my Inner-Bully

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By Katie Leathers, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Graduate.

KaEe LeathersInner Mean Girl Reform School changed my life. I knew I wanted to do it a year before I actually took the plunge, and when the opportunity presented itself again, I knew it was time.

I have always struggled with bullying, first from others, which I then internalized to bully myself. Growing up with a verbally abusive stepfather, I was bullied daily by a person who was supposed to love me and protect me. As a result, unconsciously, I took on his voice within my own thoughts and I didn’t even realize it.

Before Inner Mean Girl Reform School, I simply thought that people on the outside were mean to me. I couldn’t see the truth: I was meanest to myself. I bullied myself every single day with negative self-talk about how I was not good enough, how I was a failure, and how I didn’t deserve what other people have. I tolerated dysfunctional situations, less than desirable wages, and romantic isolation. I felt like a victim. I didn’t see the path to receiving what I truly desired. It was easier – and safer – to stay numb and avoid taking the steps that might bring me what I wanted. The irony, of course, was that although I was trying to protect myself from being hurt and disappointed, I stayed stuck.

When I began Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo gave me “permission” to start dreaming and to start putting my desires above all else – even when that meant disappointing another.

They made it okay to cultivate my natural feminine strengths, when for much of my life, I was bullied for being too weak and too sensitive. I learned where my fears stemmed from, and how to respond to the mean voices in my head. Through the process, I started to see myself becoming more receptive to having what I desired – income that allows me to fully live my truth, a home that nourishes me and supports my growth and creativity, and sexual empowerment. My Inner Mean Girl definitely resisted this process, and still flares up, but the tools I learned in Inner Mean Girl Reform School are making it easier to navigate my inner relationship.

Now, I take time each day to check in with my Inner Wisdom about what she has to say and I have turned my Inner Mean Girl into a partner, rather than an unbridled bully. I am developing such a rich and rewarding relationship with this wise part of me. My Inner Wisdom most recently guided me to leave a job that was holding me back and draining my energy, and to take a chance on love. I spend time cultivating my relationship with my Inner Mean Girl as well, so that she can share need-to-know information with me so that I make informed decisions, but she no longer gets to run my life.  I am so grateful for my Inner Mean Girl Reform School experience.

Amy and Christine gave me my life back.  They gave me the tools to co-create a life that I never imagined would be possible for me to have.  I’m more compassionate with myself & others, and now live with more passion, joy, grace & creativity.


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