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How to participate

1. Share the Self Love & Self-Bullying Message

2. Teach the Inner Mean Girl Reform School Process

3. Invite Christine & Amy to Speak or Teach

There is a silent epidemic that is negatively affecting the health, happiness and overall feelings of success of almost every woman and girl you know. It’s the underlying reason why women and girls go against their intuition and make choices that are not in their best interest or well being (and sometimes alter the course of their lives.)

It’s also the underlying motivation behind why most women and girls never feel like they are doing enough, giving enough, or achieving enough… no matter how successful on the outside.

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This epidemic is called “self-bullying.” It starts in girls as young as the age of 6 or 7, and left unchecked and unexpressed without the tools to stop it, feelings of fear, shame, blame, stress, criticism, and anxiety can plague and drive even the most successful woman for her entire lifetime.

Self-bullying is the act of pushing and pressuring yourself to take self-sabotaging acts and make self-sabotaging choices that are not in your best interest or that compromise your well being; it is also the act of saying negative and hurtful things to yourself or judging yourself in ways that make you feel inferior, ineffective, unlovable, unworthy or in any way bad about yourself.

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And almost every woman and girl on the planet even those that look the most successful on the outside are affected by it.

The good news is that we have found a cure. We call it “Inner Mean Girl Reform School” and it is full of tools, processes, insights and exercises for transforming the “Inner Mean Girl” and empowering our “Inner Wisdom.” We’ve tested it on over 30,000 women and girls… and now it’s available for you to use and share.

We are on a mission to stop self bullying and to create a culture that cultivates self love, self compassion, self trust, and a self worth connected to our inner truth and beauty, including:

  • Exposing the truth that we ALL have this negative self-sabotaging chatter – even successful women like Arianna Huffington and Oprah admit to it! Because when we expose this Inner Mean Girl chatter, women stop feeling so ashamed, defective, and not enough, and gain the power to shift their thoughts and feelings into ones that support them not sabotage them!
  • Teaching women and girls how to create a relationship with these parts of themselves – their fear, shame, criticism, doubt, judgment, anxiety, stress. So they can be with it, love it and transform it, instead of be run by it.
  • Giving women and girls the tools to transform toxic habits like comparison, perfectionism, over working, over worrying, over giving, self judgment, obsessive thinking, future tripping, being too busy, etc, etc. There are simple but powerful techniques to transform and deal with all of these stress inducing habits many of us suffer from.
  • Teaching women and girls to hear, trust, and follow the other force inside – their Inner Wisdom, even when it’s scary or doesn’t make sense or goes against what others think – cultivating a strong intuition and a strong self-trust. Imagine what your life would have been like if you would have learned how to hear and trust the voice of your Inner Wisdom no matter what as a and young girl, teenager, young woman making life altering choices in relationships, schools, your body, careers and more. A girl can have strong self esteem but without self trust, she can still make choices that do not respect nor honor her body, her truth or her authentic self.
  • Having the common language and context to support each other – our daughters, sisters, and friends – when we have Inner Mean Girl attacks or doubt our Inner Wisdom. sometimes you need help to stop the negative chatter or stop yourself from self sabotage – now we will be able to support the women and girls we love, and ask for support when we need it.

See below for how you can participate.

Creating a culture that supports women and girls to trust themselves, be
compassionate with themselves, take good care of themselves,
and express themselves authentically and fully.


ONE: I’d like to participate in sharing the message of Self Love & Self-Bullying through blogging or sharing via my social media networks.

We’d love to have you join the Inner Mean Girl Revolution through sharing our special videos, blogs (pre-written for you or you can write your own) and super-powered mantra posters with your blogging or social network community.

You can CLICK HERE to receive special access to our “Share the Love” page, which gives you all the goods you need to easily share in whatever way serves your community best.

In fact, we created some really inspiring posters and e-cards just for YOU, to post and share with those you love. Including ones like these…

Inner Mean Girl – Made A Difference

TWO: I’d like to teach the Inner Mean Girl Reform School curriculum – with my clients, in my community, with my school, within my organization.

We’re in process of creating ways for you to share the Inner Mean Girl Reform School curriculum as a class or workshop within your community, or with your clients. We are also piloting the processes within schools (for both boys and girls) as well as with nonprofit organizations that serve girls. We have piloted the processes within prison systems and other women’s organizations. All with great success.

To express your interest, tell us more by entering your name and email below. Someone from our team will be in contact.


THREE: I’d love to have Christine, Amy or your team come and teach the Inner Mean Girl Reform School curriculum to my community (this could be in the form of a workshop or speaking event).

We’d love to hear what you have in mind and talk more about how we can serve your community. Please enter your information below and our event coordinator will be in touch with you.


Thank you for believing in the power of self-love!

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Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers

Co-Founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School
Best-selling author of the new book,

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Reform Your Inner Mean Girl, 7 steps to stop
bullying yourself and start loving yourself.


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